As we may have already told you, Heliotrop Fashion Design produces a large range of women’s clothing: light and heavy coats, capes, costume suits, office dresses, and super elegant evening dresses. However, we started with coats in ’92,  become very well known and loved because of our coats, and coats have given sparkle to our brand. So, we still worship coats. This is the reason why the first products offered for sale on our site are coats. We promise you other collections in the near future.

We wrote about our coats in the descriptions of every product. We offer coats for teenagers and young women of any age, for all silhouettes in the trendiest fashions. Every woman can look as she desires wearing coats and robe coats in their favorite color,  in varied tight or loose cuts, small sizes or big sizes, some elegantly following body shapes while others looking light and very elegant, yet all comfortable. 

In other words, if you want to sparkle in the street, at work, at events, at winter celebrations, choose Heliotrop Fashion Design coats. They say that for coats we are the best.


Choose world class clothing at Romanian prices!

Ana Zdravcu


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