Special overcoats 2018-2019 Preview

Mini collection The Magic Woman

As Baudelaire so beautifully said it, the woman has the right and even the duty to look magical and supernatural, to amaze, and to enchant and as an idol, has to adorn herself to be cherished. 

It is difficult to say something after quoting Baudelaire. The risk is immense, you may think that all I am telling you is like a bad newspaper article. However, I have to tell you a few things about the collection. I started with Baudelaire’s wise words and follow in his thoughts. In our The Magic Woman collection we have super elegant coats made of fine cloth in trendy colors and fur trimmed in the same color as the coat. From cut lines that follow the body shape with grace and elegance, while offering lightness in wearing, to fluid, oversized cuts, they are all special. Wrapping precious fur collars, nonchalant wrist bands and muffs accompany these coats and ennoble them. 

Order your Heliotrop Fashion Design fur trimmed coat and you’ll create magic appearances during the season’s events and especially during the winter holidays!


Choose world class clothing at Romanian prices!

Ana Zdravcu

Special overcoats 2018-2019 Preview

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